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back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning, the 12th day of july, 2011. i said it a couple of times, it's going to be a scorcher here. and it may just be as well as this heat wave covers about half of the country today. and although we like to whine and we whine just about everything around here, this is a real serious side to this heat wave. >> absolutely. 24 states under heat warnings. if you don't have to go outside, please don't. make sure you check on your elderly neighbors. we're going to talk about cities in triple digits.
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humidity level is going to add to that as well. we're going to give you the symptoms you need to know and recognize, either yourself or family and friends, when you're suffering from dehydration or worse. >> last week there was reported about a child left in a car. there are lots of things to pay attention to. your pets, your children, you mentioned your neighbors. >> by the way, he's al roker, savannah guthrie, ann curry, and i'm matt lauer. >> also, steals and deals. don't go outdoor it is you don't have to. stay on your couch. you don't have to leave your couch to get our steals and deals. we're showing you a five h st-s resort. we're going to offer a steal or a deal in an kucancun, mexico, "today" show viewers only. >> that's stepping outside the box. also this morning, help people get off the couch and go to the gym. do you have trouble being motivates? this morning joy bauer has
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creative motivation. she is going to talk about how to sort through the cereal aisle to give your children a nutritious breakfast whether they know it or not. >> she has a treadmill with bacon on it. >> one continuous strip of bacon. well-done. a lot to get to. natalie is standing by with the headlines. >> good morning once again. the dog days of summer are here as 100-degree temperatures scorch much of the country's south and midwest. mara is braving the heat for us in st. louis, missouri. mara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. things are already starting to heat up here in st. louis with the humidity it will feel like 115 degrees here today. the midwest is right smack in the middle of this heat wave. but now almost half of the country is feeling the heat. the advisories in place from texas to connecticut. it's the summer sizzle that just won't stop. >> it's been horrible, horrible. >> reporter: dallas facing its
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tenth straight day of 100-degree temperatures. >> right up into the triple digits as we head into the afternoon. >> reporter: oklahoma city stuck on broil for almost two straight weeks. >> i carry a container of juice and a container of water frozen from my house every day when i leave so i can stay hydrated until i can get back home. >> reporter: and now the east coast is bracing itself from georgia to connecticut. heat advisories issued for temperatures today that will feel as high as 105. even these kids in philadelphia seek some cool in the pool. >> this is some oppressive and dangerous heat affecting more than 20 states and more than 90 million people. >> reporter: the heat isn't just wide spread, it's deadly. the mobile home of a 51-year-old illinois man reached dangerously high temperatures when the air conditioner broke sunday, causing him to have a fatal heat stroke. in milwaukee, several runners are just getting out of the hospital after suffering
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heat-related illnesses during a half marathon sunday. >> people. >> reporter: falling down on that bridge. i had to stop in the middle of it to help somebody who collapsed in front of me. >> reporter: monday in little rock, arkansas, where temperatures hit 102, many lined up outside a non-profit agency to apply for help with their electricity bills. a desperate effort to stay cool with no end to the heat in sight. and, natalie, people are doing whatever they can to stay cool. i resorted to using note cards as a big fan. emergency workers are warning people in all seriously if you don't have air-conditioning to go someplace cool so everyone can stay cool and safe. >> mara, go seek air conditioning, stat. thank you. much more on how to protect yourself from the summer heat coming up. president obama is asking lawmakers for fresh ideas when they brain storm yet again today at the white house over the budget stalemate. he says he won't accept short-term measures to prevent the country from falling on financial obligations. the brother of hamid karzai
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wass as is sass nated this morning by one of his bodyguards in kandahar. he was a supporter of the u.s. mission in afghanistan and routinely cooperate with nato fo forces. as head of the kandahar provincial counsel, he had become a symbol of cronyism, attracting criticism to his brother's regime. water main break break turned a city block into a lake leaving the residents near the university of louisville to little or no water mae pre sure. rest cents who still have water are being warned to boil it first. this won't be conducted by "atlantis" astronauts. instead, two space station residents will execute it to retrieve a broken ammonia bump so it can be returned to earth for evaluation. meantime the landing plans have changed. it will now touchdown in the pre-dawn hours of july 21st at kennedy space center.
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if you love show jumping but you want afford a horse, how about bunny hopping? that's just so wrong. it's become very popular in germany and scandinavia. bouncing bunnies leap over hurdles up to 16 inches high. the leash keeps them on course and keeps the male bunnies from misbehaving with the females, if you know what i mean. that's just not right. six minutes past the hour. back to al with a check of the weather. talk about dangling the carrot in front of them. >> started off with ten rabbits and ended up finishing with 80. that rabbit is dynamite! all right. let's show you what's happening. we have got a lot of heat out there to talk about. dangerous heat. heat advisories in 24 states, stretching from texas all of the way up into new england. we've got temperatures, air temperatures well over 100 flew the south. stretching up into the mid atlantic states. factor in the hume, it's going to feel like 115 in huntsville.
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108 in charlotte. 111 in columbia. here's the bad news. big area of high pressure. upper level high pressure ridge keeps the jet stream to the north. that keeps the heat and humidity in today. we move into thursday, the jet stream seven further north and so that heat will continue to creep north as that ridge gets stronger and bigger. that's what's going on around the country, >> another hot and steamy day. as we head into the heat and humidity, scattered showers and thunderstorms develop. heat index near 100. now to "today's" health and tips for staying healthy and safe in this searing heat.
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dr. peterson is here with advice to help you prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. we're talking about some really dangerous weather here. let's break this down. starting off with dehydration. >> yes. >> what does that mean and what are the symptoms people have to look for? >> dehydration is when your fluid losses are not maintained. so basically you sweat a lot and you're not drinking enough water to compensate for it. a lot of people think that thirst is the first sign of dehydration but that's the last sign of dehydration. the first symptom is fatigue. then you get a little irritable. you get a little dry mouth. eventually you finally feel thirsty. if you wait until you're thirsty it's too late. >> when we talk about dehydration and people talk about different kinds of flew id fluids. the number one is water. >> yes. >> does it matter what kind of fluid you're using? >> it does. first off, water is the best.
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sports drinks can give you electrolytes are your next bet. you can take in foods that have a lot of water content like watermelon and cucumbers. what you want to avoid is alcohol and caffeine. >> why is that? >> because they actually cause a diarrhea affect. >> all these heat-related issues we want to talk about all begin with dehydration. >> that's right. >> next one. heat exhaustion, as we move up the scale. >> yes. exactly. heat exhaustion is your body's response to the dehydration and your body temperature starts to rise. so what happens at this point is that your body starts to become lightheaded, you feel nauseous, headache. you can still sweat to compensate so your skin still stays moist. but it becomes cool and pale at this point. >> and the problem right now, i mean, evaporation is the body's own air conditioner in a sense. >> yes. >> when it's this humid and the humidity level is very close to the same humidity level as your skin, you don't -- your evaporation becomes much less
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efficient so your sweating doesn't help as much. >> that's correct. you're no longer evaporating your skin, it doesn't cool you down. that's the way the fans can help you stay cooler. they help the sweat evaporate. >> heat exhaustion, treatment? >> for heat exhaustion, it can be managed at home. get the person into a cool setting, into an air-conditioned room or a cool shower. give them cold beverages. that usually will take care of it. >> we get to the most severe, heat stroke. >> which is a life-threatening emergency. people should call 911 if they suspect heat stroke. >> if you think somebody is suffering for heat stroke what do you do until medical professionals get there. >> if you suspect they're suffering it the person will become more confused, lethargic, they can't sweat anymore so their skin is getting dry. you no longer have the moisture. and it gets really hot. at that point, it is an emergency. you want to take their clothing off, get ice packs into their armpits and start pouring cold
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fluids on to their skin. >> who is more susceptible, what part of the population? >> the elderly with r. the most susceptible. if you have parents home alone, call on them regularly to make sure they're okay. the next biggest threat are people exercising outdoors and not taking in enough fluids. >> when we talk about fluids, how much -- i'm asking generally. how much is enough fluid, you know, for you to be taking in if you're outside in this kind of weather? >> it's going to vary depending on how much you sweat, but on average we lose about ten cups of water per day on a hot day. so you want to take in at least eight to ten cups per day, minimum. >> at least. >> at least. >> dr. peterson, thanks so much. great advice. we're going to need it over the next few days, still to come, if you're trying to motivate yourself to get in the gym, we have creative ideas for you in our diet sos with joy bauer. but up next, exclusive bargains just for you, you, on
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this morning on jill's steals and deals something for everyone, literally everyone from monogram dress to first ever all inclusive package, yes, bringing you new travel deals. we have great discounts exclusively for you, our "today" show viewers this morning. jill martin is a "us weekly" contributor. for those of us who are new and don't know what this is about. >> if you are new, today is a great day to tune in. run to the computer. we have something literally for everyone. logon to you will get a code that will link you to the retailer's
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website and you will be able to buy these items an a an extremely discounted price. amazing. >> let's get right to it. fabulous summer dresses by stacey ru, comes in all these great colors. gray, pink, blue, black, white. so perfect for throwing on top of a bathing suit. >> fun for summer. here we go again. retail is $275. five colors. black, gray, navy, hot pink. sold at high-end boutiques. jessica beall, kate hudson and jennifer aniston. the deal is 49. 82% off. >> great cotton. wash and wear, too. >> go from day to night. >> perfect. okay. now, this is one that we love always. bar ware sets by the stationary studio. you can never have enough wine glasses or beer glasses or these, the stemless wine glasses. >> i've been getting a lot of tweets from men saying i want
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more stuff for me. the manly man like al roker. >> okay. so this is $95 for a set of four. and they come monogrammed. again, there are three options. the wine glass set, stemless wine glass set, beer set. three are monogrammed up to three same size initials. that comes with it. retail. $95 for a set of four. deal price is $28.50. 70% off. >> yes, they love it. our studio audience from al and savannah, love it. >> let's do what al thinks is great. >> over here, al can never have enough scarves, at least debra can't. 100% silk scarves. >> retails $125. great staple for your wardrobe. ten georgette silk summer tile offers. hand-made prints. retail, $125. the deal, $32. 74% off. if you need a great scarf, this
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is great to have. >> more applause. i like it, too. >> now, this one is a first for us. music on steals and deals. this is an offer from it's a daily -- as i understand, a daily deal music website by tony music entertainment, to bring you music fans complete collections, entire collections. you hear that one right there? "mrs. robinson." >> yes. >> they're going nuts over this. this is going to do well. let me tell you about it. five sets, retail for each of sets, $49.99. simon and garfunkle, hall and oats, earth, wind and fire, i know hoda loves. the retail on those, $49.99 for the entire box set. they have unreleased tracks, material, outtakes. deal price is $14.99. that's 70% off. >> that's the stuff, you get all those extras you can't get when you download music.
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>> what a great gift for someone who loves music. and now, if you really want to splurge, this is it. for the classical music lover this is multiple grammy winning cellist. $582.98. 90 cds. 312 hard bound book, photos, track, limited edition item. the deal, $174.89. >> wow. >> that's one. the next one, which i'm going over, miles davis, 43 cd box set. retail, $749.99. look how it's packaged. >> unbelievable. >> limited edition, trumpet case, replica mouthpiece, t-shirt, memorabilia. retail, $749.99. the deal is $224.99. up to 70% off. if you're a music lover, beautiful gift, furniture. >> this is truly for the miles
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davis fans. and another first ever. ariba, as she says. do i get to drink? >> yeah. we're going to go to mexico. >> we're going to mexico. we're going to -- this does not include airfare but it does include a five-star hotel in mexico. >> so here we go. let's just look at it while i tell you about it. four days, three nights. five-star hotel. $800. beachfront stretching along a quarter mile white sandy beach. all inclusive, food and alcohol all inclusive. >> margaritas, too. >> everything. jew july 31st, 20 12. there are blackout dates. >> we sell out. >> four days, three night, jean your suite for two adults. transfer from the airport. retail $800. the deal, $329. for three days, four days, three nights. and again, the all exclusive is the big thing. everyone loves a buffet.
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>> all drinks included. this is going to be a good buffet. >> and i heard great things about it. we've had beautiful reviews on it. >> looks fantastic. >> again, everything on it. >> all the margaritas you can drink. jill martin, thanks so much. the dresses, monogrammed sets by the stationary studio, and luminoso silks, and cd sets and cancun, mexico, vacation package. promotion code and sites offering all of these exclusive bargains, lead to right now, right now. do it now. coming up, turning your old clothes into hot summer trends on a budget. do it yourself tips. but first, these messages.
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in "the new kid in town"! is that the new kid? yeah, he says he can dunk. he's full of baloney. actually, it's peanut butter and jelly! whoa! whoa! new! wholesome! goldfish sandwich bread! >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> hot and steamy day. mid-nineties this afternoon. heat index around 100 later on today. there is a chance you could see a few scattered thunderstorms through the heat and humidity. much better at the end of the week. near 90 tomorro
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i can do that. >> really? >> not as good as chris brown. 22 years old, top ten hits. he's taking over our concert stage this friday. one week later, cee lo green. to don't forget him. a little something for everybody in our concert series. a week later, journey.
9:31 am
yes. >> i've waited years for journey. >> let's get our concert t-shirts and kick it like it's high school. >> yeah. >> i think that's a great idea. >> you're with me, right? >> we're going to party like it's 1987. anyway -- what do we have ahead? >> in this decade, joy bauer is here answering your difficult it questions. >> europejourney, yes! >> from coconut oil to olive oil. from the workout, i suggest journey, advice in our diet sos. >> don't stop believing, folks. okay, from rags to riches, we're going to show you great ways to save a lot of money on your wardrobe with easy do it yourself ways to make your old clothes look like they're new and trendy for summer or make them look like they're back to the '80s all over again. >> yes. >> and then in today's chech chechen -- >> it's not just burgers and steaks -- >> or tater tots. >> that's '70s.
9:32 am
>> "iron chef" is here with great desserts to fire up at your next barbecue. >> that looks delicious. >> bananas. >> that's good. >> all right. should we do the weather before we get to all that? >> i think we have to. >> you have to. we can't do it. >> that's right. any weather journey songs? anyway. as you see for today, risk of strong storms stretching from the mid atlantic back to the plains. we've got showers and -- what's ann curry doing here? oh. >> she forgot her blackberry. bye-bye. and then for tomorrow, we're expecting to see more strong storms back through the plains. hot weather in the mid atlantic states down through the southeast. >> it is going to be hot and humid as we head through this tuesday. into the act in come mid- nineties, heat index around 100.
9:33 am
>> that's your latest weather. you're feeling good after that jill martin thing. >> sucking back that mrg rita? >> they're good. coming up next, how to choose the best -- >> it was the fresh strawberries. >> we have great advice. al. this is not the fourth hour yet. >> you're the one drinking. >> right after this. ♪ come on everybody
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this morning on joy's diet sos, answers to your diet dilemmas. "today's" nutritionist joy bauer is here from motivating yourself to a workout to the best cereal. let's get to the first question. cindy in vermont. she's live with us via skype. hi, cindy, what's your question? >> hi, good morning. i'm no longer working out at a gym and i need to know how to get motivated when i'm at home by myself. >> yeah, we all have that problem. >> good question. so, cindy, money tends to be the ultimate motivator. so i'm going to set you up with a system that i call burn it to earn it. you're going to go to the bank. you're going to take out $100 and you're going to loan it to either your mom or a super close friend or a trustworthy co-worker for one month. and every time you exercise they're going to have to pay you back $5.
9:38 am
so it's going to take you 20 sessions of exercise during that month to earn back your full $100. now, at the end of the month if there's a balance left, whoever is holding your money gets to keep the rest of the money or donate it to charity. and you can fiddle around with the details, but if you follow this system, i bet you're going to whip your body into shape in no time. >> all right. >> thank you. >> good luck to you. all right. our next question is michelle. she's on the phone this morning in connecticut. hi, michelle. what's your question? >> hi. i had a question regarding coconut oil. i had always thought that coconut oil wasn't good for you but i read recently that coconut oil is good for you and should be used instead of olive oil in recipes that require heating the oil. is this true? >> no, it's not true. now, olive oil is 100% good for you and it's perfectly fine to heat olive oil. coconut oil gets more complicated. it's more than 90% saturated fat. as you probably heard, saturated
9:39 am
fat rise up the cholesterol and may in fact increase your risk for heart disease. the issue is all saturated fats are not created equal and the type in coconull oil we're finding may be good for you because i'll elevates the good cholesterol. my advice until we know definitively that coconut oil is perfectly fine, use small amounts of coconut oil but really use olive oil and canola oil in most of your recipes. whether you're cooking or baking. >> michelle, good luck. our last is from an e-mail. she writes, i try to get my kids out the door in the morning with a healthy breakfast. what is more important in picking a breakfast cereal, choosing one that's low in sugar or high in fiber? >> both. there are so many kid-friendly tested and approved mainstream cereals. when it comes to healthy cereals, know the first ingredient has to be a whole grain. second, you want at least three grams of fiber per serving.
9:40 am
and third, no more than eight grams of sugar. i'm showing here these are four mainstream brands that you can get just about anywhere. and i have a huge list. i'm going to put it out on my facebook and twitter later after the show is over and everybody can check it out. there's a lot of them. >> a lot of them that work. you can't put sugar on top? >> no. >> not that i've ever done that. joy bauer, thanks so much, coming up next, the dyi makeover for your summer wardrobe. we'll show you easy and inexpensive ideas right after this. [ female announcer ] it follows you wherever you go. it's a cloud of depression. and although you've been on an antidepressant for at least six weeks, you're frustrated that your depressive symptoms are still with you. seroquel xr, when added to an antidepressant, is approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder. for many, taking seroquel xr with an antidepressant was proven more effective than an antidepressant alone for treating unresolved symptoms of depression. talk to your doctor about seroquel xr.
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to something that they want to eat. ♪ hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in a little drop of chocolate. pure hershey's. ♪ this morning on "today's" style, dyi's summer look. most of us have old jeans and t-shirts sitting in the closet so why not transform them to a sassy summer wardrobe and do it yourself tips. rachel is joining us now with great ideas. good morning. >> good morning. >> our closets with filled with
9:44 am
lots of things you can refurbished. >> but don't throw the stuff away. turn them around for nothing. it's something that's really stylish. >> i'm not a crafty type but you did all this yourself. >> i can do it, trust me, anybody can do it. >> okay. first, taking that old pair op denims, denim shorts, very in this summer. >> absolutely. >> these were from my own closet. five years ago i had these with the big holes. >> great. >> but maybe not. >> 1990 sglz perfect pair. if you feel like your jeans don't fit great or they have a style, this is perfect. take a ruler, from inseam measure from four to six inches. >> depends on the length that you want. >> depends on the length, what you feel comfortable with. make a mark. use scissors or fabric scissors. just cut the leg. it's really simple. >> easy enough. easy enough. >> you want to take a pair that has good wear on them, too. >> looks a little worn in. >> you're going to want those
9:45 am
frayed edges. >> yes. absolutely. how do you go about that? >> you want to like deconstruct them a little bit once you have them so they really look like denim sports. this is a wood plank. zero money. take a box cutter. just make a few cuts in it. and then all you do is take a pumice stone and go like and that all of a sudden it's deconstructed. you can also use a pumice stone across the edges and wash it a couple of times. >> and it will look like these. >> this costs absolutely zero money to turn your jeans into denim shorts. >> and don't throw away those jeans that you maybe loved at one point. and over here we all have a w t white tank but this is cool thing to do is tie-dye. >> i was cleaning out my closets and found white t-shirts with yellowing or spots on them. this is a great way to repurpose them. basically tie-dye is cool. it's not just hippie, '60s,
9:46 am
jessica alba and all the stylish stars wearing them. >> it's fun knowing you did it yourself. >> do it yourself. take any white tank or t-shirt. >> the most you spend on this is the kit. >> $9 for these sets. you basically want a to section off your tank into four or five sections. you can do one last one. >> make sure they don't turn into a brown blob. >> exactly. you don't want the color to run. put on the gloves that come with it. either take a plexiglas bottom or some kind of -- >> you want to soak it in there. >> have fun with the colors. you want go wrong when it comes to tie-dye. makes the colors around. >> in my case, you can. >> i've done sot pretty bad tie-dye. >> i made that one right there and i am like one of the least crafty people ever. >> basically -- it's really how you wash it. >> the key is how tyou wash it. let it dry and wash it by itself. that's the key. you don't want the colors to run on anything. >> okay. >> you can see, it's going to
9:47 am
come out looking like that. >> okay. beautiful. >> and that's a really family fun for the summer. i think this is a great, great idea. all of us have those little button boxes, all the buttons you collect over the years. maybe you have vintage buttons. give them all life? >> all the girls brought in their buttons from grandmothers, their own closets. i have them and i don't know what to do with them. make them into rings and earrings. here, you can go to any craft store. buy the ring backs for about 50 cents. basically just put the glue on. here is this great nautical button that we found. and you just stick it on and press it. you can take the glue and actually make earrings. beautiful pair we found. >> backings you find at michael's craft store? >> anywhere. put the glue. and then put the back on this. >> okay. >> look how cool this ring is. >> beautiful. >> these are all rings that we made. you can find -- >> my finger got stuck.
9:48 am
we'll take them over here. >> stuck to your earring. >> look at this amazing pieces. so instead of -- >> i lost it. >> what are we going to do with you, natalie? >> okay. work on this. the headband. >> are you okay? >> there we go. fingers are back. head bands are another thing that, again, there are like ten that you have. maybe conservative or too print. this is great. this is this mustard color headband. this is a ribbon that came on a box. >> kate hudson really kind of brought the headband thing back, too. >> kate middleton. >> yes. >> these are two that i had in my room. i'm going to give you -- i think you're blinky. i see the earrings you're wearing. i'm totally obsessed with feathers. literally a dollar you can buy at the fabric store. so instead of -- basically, you just put the glue. >> there we go. >> you can also find this time,
9:49 am
glad to know. i'm actually going to double layer the feathers. and make a really cool look for the summer. >> i love that. >> quickly, got to show you one last thing over here. >> i'm going to put on my headband. >> you made it beautiful. with the necklaces and scarves. >> again, we all have old necklaces. >> great. >> in our closets. these pearls might not be that like fabulous anymore but basically you just take it, fold this -- >> you are quite the vision right now. >> tie it around and make this. put it over a tank top. >> great. thank you. >> how do i look? >> okay. beautiful. thank you so much. coming up next, sweet treats for the grill, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
>> narrator: "today's" kitchen is brought to you by hershey's
9:52 am
smores. hershey's makes it a smore, you make it special. >> this morning in "today's" kitchen we're making grilled goodies as easy as one, two, three. celebrity chef author has a few sweet treats you might want to fire up at your next barbecue. a lot of folks don't think about dessert. once they get the entree off the grill they forget about it. >> right. you know what, i believe in the summer, especially, putting everything on the grill. i love to just -- whether it's ne nectarines, watermelon, chocolate smores. why not throw a dessert on while you have everything else on. take a couple of cookies there just like you would, a couple of graham crackers. we're doing it better with chocolate chip. peanut butter goes on the cookie. you take some of it. i got some here. what's not better -- i'm sorry.
9:53 am
i'm a peanut butter fanatic. if you add chocolate to it, done. >> chunky if you want it. >> exactly. a little bit of chocolate there. >> i don't think these are big enough. >> big fat plump yummy marshmallows. then you take it and wrap it all up just like a little package. and then while everything is grilling, whether you have your meat, corn, chicken, whatever, pop that on there. >> last night i dreamt i was eating a 100-pound marshmallow. when i woke up my pillow was gone. >> okay. all right. we'll talk about that after this segment. that sounds like a problem will tl. what do you have here? gooey. >> look at that. >> that is so yummy. >> that is a mess waiting to happen. i like it. i love it, too. >> next one is, strawberries. a little bit of powdered sugar, roll it, sprinkle it on. right on the grill. what this does is really adds a little bit of caramelization to the strawberries. you can get a little bit naturally, you can do even a
9:54 am
little bit of honey if you didn't want the sugar. that's totally fine. but i like to add a little bit to get this -- you can see. it adds this caramelization. >> what are you grilling here? >> short cake here or pound cake. you can do either one. absolutely. and then what i do is just stick the skewers right on top here. do it like that. and then spoon on a little bit of whipped cream. i mean, you know, why not. go for it. but, you know, it is a little bit -- obviously a little bit healthier than this. strawberries, a little bit of fruit. you can do pound cake with a pile of berrys on top and whipped cream. >> and then a sandwich. >> i have a sandwich. this, is i mean, this is nutella, banana, do i need to say more? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. in fact, you don't have to say anything because natalie is here. did you become unstuck. >> i did. i did. i still have a little glue stuck. >> these you can eat. these are fantastic. again, the brioche has butter in
9:55 am
it. pop it right on the nice hot grill. spread on nutella, sliced banan bananas, yummy. >> very nice. >> here we go. >> let's warm some of these up. grab one. >> thank you so much. >> it's a great summer. >> you have a great summer. >> okay. all right. still to come? >> more music from colbie collait. >> after we eat
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> by the time we hit the late afternoon hours, the heat index will be about 100 degrees. actual high temperatures will be in the mid-90's.
9:58 am
in the heat and humidity, you will see a chance for a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. near 90 tomorrow. mid-80's by thursday.
9:59 am

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